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“Michelle is a pleasure to work with. She is energetically collaborative, strategically focused, well informed, always eager to suggest – and explore new approaches to old problems. Plus, she's a genuinely wonderful person.” Tim
“I appreciate your depth of knowledge and versatility in both technical and creative.” Jeff

Would you like to leverage the power of videos?

Videos are a powerful way to fill the gap of what your potential customers are looking for and what you have to offer. However people tend to avoid making videos for one of these 3 reasons... the technical aspects of making it professional and getting it published, having that ideal flow of text to be able to communicate your message in a powerful way, the internal challenge of just making the video and putting it out there.

If you would like to leverage your marketing with videos and are having one or more of these challenges call me to learn more about my video mentorship package. 916.790.6574 or click here to learn more.

MiniVid Series: Website Problem Solver

It's shocking how many people have unbelievable challenges with their website... Here are a few video topics about global issues people have with their website and how to overcome them. Thank you for your time watching these videos or checking out my website. Call me if you would like specific help for your business 916.790.6574

Creative website solutions.

Strategically prioritize.

Identify goals and take action.

MiniVid Series: ABC’s of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Passing your competitors in Google is a science. Strategic SEO planning and proper implementation is key. Check out these videos for more info and call me if you would like strategic results for your website 916.790.6574

Strategic SEO.

Website optimization.

External factors.

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